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Liverpool is Go

April 24, 2009

Following a meeting on Wednesday night at the FACT bar, the Liverpool hackspace group is started.

Present were Sophie Green, Dan Lynch, Adrian McEwen, Thom Shannon, & Richard Smedley – and Adrian’s Bubblino machine, fresh from an appearance at GetAmbITion, & at Small Steps to Sustainability.

Why & How

Discussion centred on what sort of space we wanted (why, and for whom). There was a strong feeling that it should in some way be open, for education. How this can be done in conjunction with setting up a space where artists & tinkerers may be making their living needs further examination.

Arduino based, bubble-blowing robot, and Liverpool creative techies

Arduino based, bubble-blowing robot, and Liverpool creative techies

We also looked at the stages of getting from here (just beginning) to there (established in a hackerspace). Last year we might have been looking at 30 people committing £50 a month to start with, but now buildings are available for alternative uses for next to nothing, so we’re optimistic about a quicker start.


Next stage is to get more people, and continue in our search for a space. Ideally we need somewhere big enough for separate co-working space, and possibly a public separate area. however we’re open to what comes along.

We’ll be meeting every fortnight at the FACT bar for a while – at least until we can find a more practical space. Come along and join in with building a hackspace:

  • 6 May hsNW meeting, FACT Bar, 7pm – Upcoming
  • 20 May hsNW meeting, FACT Bar, 7pm – Upcoming
  • 3 June hsNW meeting, FACT Bar, 7pm – Upcoming

There’s no qualification to involvement, and everyone is welcome at meetings whether you want to get involved in creating the hackerspace, or are simply curious to find out more, come along for a drink on alternate Wednesdays.

FACT directions at

Liverpool Meeting

April 17, 2009

The best way to move towards getting a space is to start meeting. So let’s start meeting.

I know no date will work for everyone, so let’s just get going, and accommodate anyone who can’t make it later.

Starting Weds 22 April, I suggest a fortnightly meet-up at 7pm at FACT. We may try and meet in their media lab at some time, but we’ll start with the bar.

Bubblino, media star

Adrian McEwan will bring along Bubblino (as seen on BBC 😉 to the first meeting. Format will be informal discussion after a short intro on hackspaces.

One reason for choosing this coming Wednesday is that it follows straight on from the Small Steps to Sustainability meeting on Creative Learning – something that very much includes having fun in a hackerspace. I hope that some people will find themselves staying on from Small Steps for the Hackspace Meeting (or coming early to the HS meeting, to take part in Small Steps).

Note that Birmingham hackspace combine regular pub meetings with occasional weekend hackdays. Help us find a venue and we’ll be doing the same.

The meeting has an Upcoming page, if you’d like to sign up – but anyone interested is free to turn up on the night. See you there.

Getting started

April 6, 2009

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