Liverpool Meeting 20th May 2009


Last Wednesday saw the third Liverpool Hackspace meeting, and the second that I was able to attend.  With a couple of the regulars unable to make it (can we have regulars after only three meetings? 🙂 it was a relatively low-key affair, but we did welcome a new attendee, Mike.  I think it shows the benefit of having some obvious indicator or who the hackers are – Mike had been down before and didn’t find the group, and was on the verge of giving up this time when he spotted Bubblino and introduced himself.

We chatted about what we’re trying to do with finding a venue for hacking either on a permanent basis, or even for the fortnightly meetings whilst we’re building momentum; compared projects; and Thom and I even got in some Howduino planning.

I think the next step is to find a more soldering-iron-friendly venue than the bar at FACT, so the meetings can evolve into some time to work on projects, share expertise and show anyone who drops by the sorts of things we get up to.  There were a number of possibilities discussed during the meeting, and a few more that I’ve found through random discussions with people about the group over the past couple of weeks.

The Art Organisation are a group that keep coming up in discussions for either a permanent hackspace, or just using Mello Mello for the meetings.  Thom has a meeting room at his office that we could use for the meetings, although that makes it trickier for people to just drop-by; and there are a few different artists groups that I’ve bumped into who’ve offered to let us hold meetings in their studio space.

I doubt I’ll have time to sort something out for the next meeting (which I’ll also miss as I’m on holiday) but maybe one topic for discussion is what we’d want from a meeting space, or whether we take the group “on tour” round a number of spaces in Liverpool and see what interesting things come out of that.


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