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A New Venue for Liverpool Meetings

June 8, 2009
The interior of Mello Mello in Liverpool

The interior of Mello Mello in Liverpool

As mentioned in the last meeting report, there’s been some discussion about a more suitable location for the Liverpool Hackspace meetings and Mello Mello has been mentioned more than once as a candidate.

The topic came up again in the bar after the recent Howduino hackday when I was discussing the hackspace with Venya, Howduino attendee and local artist using Arduinos to make cool theatrical masterpieces as part of The Kazimier.

Venya works upstairs in the Mello Mello building, and so scoped out whether we could hold the fortnightly meetings there.  They’re quite happy to host us, preferably on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening (which fits in perfectly) and so I popped down for a quick tour.  The photo on the left is taken from the stage end of the cafe looking down towards the cafe counter (which is through the doorway at the far end, where there’s even more seating).

The cafe has a friendly, relaxed vibe, and the old dining table seating would be perfect for spreading out projects.  There are also plenty of power sockets, free WiFi (I’m told, my N95 didn’t spot any on a quick search) and some of the best coffee I’ve tasted since returning from Italy.

It’s definitely much better than the bar at FACT, so I think we should start holding the meetings here and see how things go.  I’ll bring my 3G dongle in case there’s no other option for Internet access, and an extension cable could be handy for sharing out power.

Mello Mello is on the corner of Slater Street and Parr Street, so just down the road from FACT.  See the Mello Mello website for full address and map.