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Stockport & SE Manchester

July 13, 2009

Posted on behalf of Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs

On the 24th June, 14 people met in the Grey Horse pub in Reddish to discuss the foundation of a Hack Space in Stockport. We agreed that we are more interested in working with hardware and electronics than (particularly) software, that we would be happy paying between £15-£20 per month, with scheduled meetings every two weeks on varying days, loosely using the NWDC calendar to ensure limited conflicts on dates.

That said, in between scheduled meetings, once we get a regular venue, there would be nothing to stop regular members from using the space if all members had a copy of the key to get into the space or a pass card to get us in there (depending on the eventual venue). Andrew, a member who is already located within the Mill, said he would ask Broadstone Mill’s lettings people about prices and ideas of what spaces we could use, while I said I would contact another location which was reasonably close – SafeStore, to see what sort of prices this location could offer. The group also said that while members appreciate the overarching group of NW HackSpace, they don’t want to clutter up the list with Stockport specific traffic, hence the creation of an alternative list –

After this, we had some drinks, and were talking about all sorts of topics until last orders. Out next meeting will be at the same location on Saturday 18th July at 7pm. The Upcoming event page is

Next Liverpool Meeting on Tuesday 14th July

July 10, 2009

We’ll be back at Mello Mello (and can see how the refurbishment went) next week.

Things will kick off on Tuesday 14th July at 7pm and probably last until the guys at Mello Mello look like they want to kick us out, like last time, around 9-ish.

Bring your Arduino or hardware project to play with, or just come along for a chat.  Full details on the upcoming page.