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Recent Liverpool Meeting Reports

August 17, 2009
Uses for an oomlout resistor kit

Since the last meeting report there have actually been two meetings of the Liverpool hackspace group.  I didn’t have chance to write up the first before the two weeks had elapsed and it was time for the next.  So I figured I’d give a brief update on each meeting here.

A shot of the meeting in action at 3345 Parr Street

July 28th, at 3345 Parr Street

Once again the date clashed with GeekUp and so we joined forces to encourage some more of the software guys to try getting to grips with resistors and motors and all things hardware hacking.

There was a great turnout, and there was even some hacking.  I was in the middle of building stuff for a project (Twacky Races, an RFID scavenger hunt) and so Thom and I set about bending a wire coathanger and connecting it to an Arduino-controlled stepper motor to build a chocolate-machine-style vending mechanism.

Ross from Sound Network also called in and told us about the upcoming Interface Amnesty event that they’re organising.  It’s a day of musical hardware hacking at the end of September – hopefully Ross will post some details to the mailing list when he gets back from holiday.

August 11th, at Mello Mello

The most recent meeting saw us back at Mello Mello, with another great turn out.  We welcomed a few new attendees, including one all the way from Slovakia (she happened to be in Liverpool scouting out whether or not she wanted to move here).

RFID got some more discussion, and I demoed some of my Touchatag code for Windows and also the OpenFrameworks coding framework.  There was also some discussion about building rotary encoders (for measuring wind speed and also Venya talked us through the one he’s building); some initial brainstorming about projects to build at Interface Amnesty (I’m thinking of putting together an Auduino, and Ross wants to build a laser harp); and information was shared about the mbed microcontroller board, Tinkerkit and the programming language Scratch.

I’m sure there were plenty of other topics covered – those are just the ones I was part of.

Next Meeting?

We’ll coincide with GeekUp again for the next meeting, so it will be at 3345 Parr Street, on Tuesday 25th August.  Keep an eye out for the announcement on the mailing list to confirm that nearer the time.