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We’re looking to create a hackerspace where anyone interested in technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialise and collaborate.

How are you going to do it?

Good question. In most of the region, we’re just gathering people, and planning meetings, at the moment. The next effort is to find the right space – all else should follow from that. In Manchester there’s HacMan @ MadLab – see below.

There’s a good template to download here if you’re interested 🙂

Can I join in?

Yes, everyone is welcome, regardless of ability or experience. Sign up to the mailing list at & introduce yourself. If you’re really shy, you could just follow announcements on Twitter, or subscribe to the data feed for announcements from this site.

Hacking? Isn’t that bad?

We mean hacking in the original sense of the word — the art of making, tinkering with, improving and destroying things. Nothing to do with breaking into systems (that’s cracking), and not necessarily to do with computers or electronics.

Progress so far?

A group formed last year around the offer of part of a mill building near Stockport. After this fell through they nearly moved into an old factory in South Manchester, but have ended up joining forces with MadLab and rebranding themselves as HacMan.

In Liverpool regular meetings continue – see the list.

In South Cheshire a new group has formed with neighbouring Stoke-on-Trent.

There’s also a nascent group in Shropshire.

Fellow travellers:

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