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We have space – 1500sq ft, Manchester

October 24, 2009

61448491_43824fc525_mVery quick post, as I’m betwixt #LRL2009 & climbing in the lakes: the Manchester Creative Collective have a great space they want to share with us a few minutes walk south of Piccadilly Station. The space is great; the terms are great; the opportunities for collaboration are fantastic – with all sorts of projects planned out of the factory (they’re even getting a forge!).

More details to follow, and more info when it’s discussed at the meeting in Stockport on Wednesday. Come along if you can – if not watch for announcements here, or on Twitter.

Next Liverpool Meeting – 20th October 2009

October 19, 2009

STOP PRESS — change of venue —

FACT bar, Wood Street, 7pm – then down to Pier Head to see off the Queen Mary.

That’s right, the next Liverpool hackspace meeting is tomorrow night. We’ll be at the Bad Format Social Club on Trueman street from 7pm till around 9pm. I’ll be bringing one of the Oomlout beginner’s Arduino kits to have a play with shift registers, and in case anyone wants to have a look at what you get with it.

More details over on the Upcoming event page.

Next Liverpool meeting – Tuesday 8th September, 7pm

September 3, 2009

For this next meeting we’re heading over to the Bad Format Social Club near the flyover. In addition to the usual playing with bits of hardware and chatting about code and electronics and whatever else comes up, we’ll be having a play with some of the hardware that Scott (who runs Bad Format) has been collecting.

As he said in a recent email to the mailling list…

“[Scott is] looking to recreate the look and feel of old computers from the 50’s/60’s but add functionality with screens and web connections, etc.  So the badformat community, in theory, could manipulate the features of the bar remotely.. from the bar playlist to visuals to the operation of machines.

I have a budget for cool ideas and am building up a stock of portable tv’s old games, old synths, tons of random electrical stuff, nixie tubes, and all of that old electrical stuff that will make everything look like some sort of fucked up apocalypse bunker from 1952.”

There are details of where the bar is on the upcoming page for the meeting.

Stockport & SE Manchester

July 13, 2009

Posted on behalf of Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs

On the 24th June, 14 people met in the Grey Horse pub in Reddish to discuss the foundation of a Hack Space in Stockport. We agreed that we are more interested in working with hardware and electronics than (particularly) software, that we would be happy paying between £15-£20 per month, with scheduled meetings every two weeks on varying days, loosely using the NWDC calendar to ensure limited conflicts on dates.

That said, in between scheduled meetings, once we get a regular venue, there would be nothing to stop regular members from using the space if all members had a copy of the key to get into the space or a pass card to get us in there (depending on the eventual venue). Andrew, a member who is already located within the Mill, said he would ask Broadstone Mill’s lettings people about prices and ideas of what spaces we could use, while I said I would contact another location which was reasonably close – SafeStore, to see what sort of prices this location could offer. The group also said that while members appreciate the overarching group of NW HackSpace, they don’t want to clutter up the list with Stockport specific traffic, hence the creation of an alternative list –

After this, we had some drinks, and were talking about all sorts of topics until last orders. Out next meeting will be at the same location on Saturday 18th July at 7pm. The Upcoming event page is

Next Liverpool Meeting on Tuesday 14th July

July 10, 2009

We’ll be back at Mello Mello (and can see how the refurbishment went) next week.

Things will kick off on Tuesday 14th July at 7pm and probably last until the guys at Mello Mello look like they want to kick us out, like last time, around 9-ish.

Bring your Arduino or hardware project to play with, or just come along for a chat.  Full details on the upcoming page.

First Stockport Hackspace Meeting Announced

June 11, 2009

Following the discussions about the possibility of using Broadstone Mill in Stockport as a hackspace venue, the idea takes a step nearer to reality with the first hackspace meeting in Stockport.

The initial meeting will be just next-door to the mill at the Grey Horse Public House on Wednesday 24 June at 7pm.  Manchester people should note that although this is in the Stockport postcode area, it’s nearer the centre of Manchester than Didsbury is – you don’t have to venture outside the M60! 😉

The meeting will discuss the concept of hackspaces, our possible location (Broadstone Mill – the building next door) and much more (hopefully)!

If you’re intending to come, please show your interest on the Upcoming page for the event.

A New Venue for Liverpool Meetings

June 8, 2009
The interior of Mello Mello in Liverpool

The interior of Mello Mello in Liverpool

As mentioned in the last meeting report, there’s been some discussion about a more suitable location for the Liverpool Hackspace meetings and Mello Mello has been mentioned more than once as a candidate.

The topic came up again in the bar after the recent Howduino hackday when I was discussing the hackspace with Venya, Howduino attendee and local artist using Arduinos to make cool theatrical masterpieces as part of The Kazimier.

Venya works upstairs in the Mello Mello building, and so scoped out whether we could hold the fortnightly meetings there.  They’re quite happy to host us, preferably on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening (which fits in perfectly) and so I popped down for a quick tour.  The photo on the left is taken from the stage end of the cafe looking down towards the cafe counter (which is through the doorway at the far end, where there’s even more seating).

The cafe has a friendly, relaxed vibe, and the old dining table seating would be perfect for spreading out projects.  There are also plenty of power sockets, free WiFi (I’m told, my N95 didn’t spot any on a quick search) and some of the best coffee I’ve tasted since returning from Italy.

It’s definitely much better than the bar at FACT, so I think we should start holding the meetings here and see how things go.  I’ll bring my 3G dongle in case there’s no other option for Internet access, and an extension cable could be handy for sharing out power.

Mello Mello is on the corner of Slater Street and Parr Street, so just down the road from FACT.  See the Mello Mello website for full address and map.

Loft Living

May 6, 2009

Yesterday I went to Broadstone Mill to meet the architect, & the owner’s wife, and discuss the Mill as a possible hackspace.

The tower at Broadstone Mill

The tower at Broadstone Mill

I have to say I was impressed with the spaces there. The owners are very flexible, and with just a few people this could be far more affordable than anywhere in Manchester. A quick summary:


There are double height rooms from 150 to 2000+ sq ft; great views to the hills; parking; 10mins walk from Heaton Chapel Station;10 mins drive from Manchester University; Hot-desking space & meeting rooms available.


It’s not centrally-located; although cheap in the short term it is a commercial space, and possibly not permanent; er… that’s about it on the minus side

Next step? Well, this will only work with people. I know it’s not central Manchester, but it’s a great space; very cheap; has artists there already; and isn’t that far from manchester or Stockport. Let me know what you think in the comments, the mailing list (Google Group), or via Twitter.

Liverpool is Go

April 24, 2009

Following a meeting on Wednesday night at the FACT bar, the Liverpool hackspace group is started.

Present were Sophie Green, Dan Lynch, Adrian McEwen, Thom Shannon, & Richard Smedley – and Adrian’s Bubblino machine, fresh from an appearance at GetAmbITion, & at Small Steps to Sustainability.

Why & How

Discussion centred on what sort of space we wanted (why, and for whom). There was a strong feeling that it should in some way be open, for education. How this can be done in conjunction with setting up a space where artists & tinkerers may be making their living needs further examination.

Arduino based, bubble-blowing robot, and Liverpool creative techies

Arduino based, bubble-blowing robot, and Liverpool creative techies

We also looked at the stages of getting from here (just beginning) to there (established in a hackerspace). Last year we might have been looking at 30 people committing £50 a month to start with, but now buildings are available for alternative uses for next to nothing, so we’re optimistic about a quicker start.


Next stage is to get more people, and continue in our search for a space. Ideally we need somewhere big enough for separate co-working space, and possibly a public separate area. however we’re open to what comes along.

We’ll be meeting every fortnight at the FACT bar for a while – at least until we can find a more practical space. Come along and join in with building a hackspace:

  • 6 May hsNW meeting, FACT Bar, 7pm – Upcoming
  • 20 May hsNW meeting, FACT Bar, 7pm – Upcoming
  • 3 June hsNW meeting, FACT Bar, 7pm – Upcoming

There’s no qualification to involvement, and everyone is welcome at meetings whether you want to get involved in creating the hackerspace, or are simply curious to find out more, come along for a drink on alternate Wednesdays.

FACT directions at

Liverpool Meeting

April 17, 2009

The best way to move towards getting a space is to start meeting. So let’s start meeting.

I know no date will work for everyone, so let’s just get going, and accommodate anyone who can’t make it later.

Starting Weds 22 April, I suggest a fortnightly meet-up at 7pm at FACT. We may try and meet in their media lab at some time, but we’ll start with the bar.

Bubblino, media star

Adrian McEwan will bring along Bubblino (as seen on BBC 😉 to the first meeting. Format will be informal discussion after a short intro on hackspaces.

One reason for choosing this coming Wednesday is that it follows straight on from the Small Steps to Sustainability meeting on Creative Learning – something that very much includes having fun in a hackerspace. I hope that some people will find themselves staying on from Small Steps for the Hackspace Meeting (or coming early to the HS meeting, to take part in Small Steps).

Note that Birmingham hackspace combine regular pub meetings with occasional weekend hackdays. Help us find a venue and we’ll be doing the same.

The meeting has an Upcoming page, if you’d like to sign up – but anyone interested is free to turn up on the night. See you there.