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MakerSpace FY1, Blackpool – looking for new home & more members.

June 27, 2014

Blackpool Makerspace, home of much inspirational hackery, and which also hosts the local GNU/Linux User Group – needs a new site in September, and some additional members to help cover the cost of that. Details below.Image



This is a post from Blackpool Makerspace mailing list, the Makerspace is currently based at Ripon Road in Blackpool, however it is due to be sold probably in or around  September. This will mean that we will be without premises for the Makerspace and Blackpool Linux User Group.  If anyone would be interested in entering into a joint Hack/Makerspace please read on, we would be love to hear from you.

We now need to decide if we have enough members who are willing to pay a subscription to take on another premises.

Losing the Makerspace would be a huge blow to our group, but it needs to be financed to support it’s growth.

We estimate that it will cost at least a £100 week to rent a new premises and to pay towards the utility bills.

We have 4 people committed to paying £10 per week, they are myself, Tony, Olly and Les. So we need to raise at least another £60 a week.

We need more people to subscribe at any level that they can afford (up to £10/week) to keep a Makerspace in Blackpool. Please subscribe and help fund our Makerspace which has done so much great work in the Geek Community.

In the longer term, the more people that join the Makerspace, the cheaper the subscriptions will eventually become, this makes it better value for everyone.

If this is not of interest to you but you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to pass on this e-mail to them.

If you or anyone else would like to help please get in touch by any of the methods listed below.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Mike Hewitt

PC Recycler Ltd.
29-35 Ripon road
Blackpool FY1 4DY
01253 293258
07711 736899